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About Submarine Safaris SL


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Submarine Safaris SL is a company solely dedicated to providing underwater submarine dives. Our submarines have brought a new dimension to the islands of Lanzarote and Tenerife.


We established the company on the island of Lanzarote in 1997, in one of the islands most exclusive marinas named "Puerto Calero". Since 1997 we have carried out over 23,000 dives, taking some 800,000 clients to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, and of course back again.

Due to the company's success and the demand for clients wanting to dive with the submarine, we opened a new operation in 2007 on the island of Tenerife in "Marina San Miguel", situated in the south of the island.

Both islands are completely different from each other and that can also be said of our dive sites on each island. Each dive site is unique in what it offers our passengers, as they have a variety of marine life and there is always that unexpected surprise!

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