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Notre sous marin était le premier et le seul véritable sur l’île, à la quelle il a donné une dimension différente.Il permet aux gens de tous les âges de profiter des merveilles du monde sous marin.

En 2007 la société s’est développée et  a ouvert une autre exploitation sur l’île de Tenerife. Cela  a permis  à encore plus de gens à participer et profiter des magiques mystères aquatiques. Si jamais vous visitez Lanzarote ou Tenerife nous vous souhaitons de très bonnes vacances et nous vous invitons à nous visiter pour prendre part à une aventure sous marine unique.

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We stayed in Fuerteventura for a week in February and booked a trip with Thomas Cook to pop over to Lanzarote with the option to add the Submarine trip. I'm glad we did. The trip over on the ferry was a bit choppy but very exciting - (I can't swim and hate water!) however there was a coach that took us into Lanzarote. We had about 1 hour there (we had lunch - fish and chips! in a place called Six's) then a coach picked us up and took us to Puerto Calero for our Submarine Safaris. We had a safety video first then on to the submarine. The operators were very helpful and made me at ease (the water thing!). All in all a fantastic trip and well worth a visit / trip.

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Myself my wife my son and mother went on the submarine on the 03/09/2008. It is without doubt the best experience ever had by us. If you do visit Lanzarote be sure to make the trip to Puerto Calero, it is an unforgettable experience. The crew are excellent. Thank you to them all.

Jeannie  Sept 2010

Great experience, the crew were really friendly and you have your photograph taken as you get on board (option to buy from the gift shop when you get back) also every passenger gets their own 'Dive Certificate' giving the date and depth they traveled down to. There are divers diving beside the sub who encourage the fish up to the viewing windows. Although it seems a bit expensive for only an hour's trip, it really is an unforgettable experience and how many times can you drop into a conversation when you get back about the 'time I was on a submarine in Tenerife' - well worth it!!

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